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Succeeding in Law School Summer Employment | Law School Real Talk Series

April 03, 2023 Houston Law Review Season 4 Episode 9
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Succeeding in Law School Summer Employment | Law School Real Talk Series
Show Notes

The Law School Real Talk Series by the Houston Law Review was developed to provide useful and actionable advice to first-year law students regarding the many unknowns of law school. On this episode of the series, season 4 host Brock Jones is joined by Houston Law Review members Andrew Jacobs and Chandler Johnson as they discuss their experiences and advice on how to make the most of law school summer employment opportunities and ultimately choose a full-time position. Our guests provided a variety of information pertaining to big law firm employment and judicial clerkships, with Andrew planning to clerk for Judge Jeffrey Brown of the Southern District of Texas upon graduation before practicing litigation at Bracewell, and Chandler planning to practice transactional law at Latham & Watkins alongside Brock. Andrew, Chandler and Brock discuss the inside details of working at firms and courthouses over the summer while providing their own tips, tricks and advice along the way, from the differences in clerkship and summer associate positions, excelling on work assignments, balancing social events and more. 

Season 4, Episode 9 Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
03:38 – Clerkships v. Law Firm Positions
11:26 – Best Practices & Expectations for Work Assignments
24:50 – Maximizing In-Office Outings & After-Hour Socialization
33:40 – Evaluating an Employer

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