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Megan Daic

May 27, 2020 Houston Law Review Season 2 Episode 2
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Megan Daic
Show Notes

In this episode, we speak with Megan Daic, the owner of Daic Law, a Texas-based civil litigation law firm. She is an alumnus at the University of Houston Law Center, where she now serves as an adjunct professor. Earlier this year, Ms. Daic was one of the youngest candidates running for judge in Harris County. 

We talk with Ms. Daic about her experiences as a first-generation college student and, subsequently, law student, what it’s been like starting her own practice, and what made her decide to run for Judge of the 165th District. Though she did not win the primary, Ms. Daic shares valuable insights about the process of running in an election and lessons she learned along the way.

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