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Professor Sandra Guerra Thompson & Professor Nicole Bremner Casarez

July 15, 2020 Houston Law Review Season 2 Episode 4
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Professor Sandra Guerra Thompson & Professor Nicole Bremner Casarez
Show Notes

In this episode, we speak with Professors Sandra Guerra Thompson and Nicole Bremner Casarez. We dive into their article, titled: Solving Daubert’s Dilemma for the Forensic Sciences through Blind Testing, published in Volume 57, Issue 3 of the Houston Law Review. Our discussion shed light on an important aspect of the criminal justice system that leads to wrongful convictions – forensic evidence and “junk science.” We explore how this evidence gets into the court and how the Houston Forensic Science Center is making strides toward positive change.

Read below to learn more about our guests:

Sandra Guerra Thompson is the Newell H. Blakely Professor in Law and Director of the Criminal Justice Institute at the University of Houston Law Center. She is a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Houston Forensic Science Center, Houston’s independent forensic laboratory. She has written on such subjects as wrongful convictions, eyewitness identifications, police interrogations, forensic science, and many more.


Nicole Bremner Casarez is an attorney and professor of communication at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Her investigative journalism students investigated many capital and noncapital cases, including the case of Texas death row inmate Anthony Graves. She speaks on media law, the first amendment, ethics, civil rights, and wrongful conviction.



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