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Texas Death Row and the Decline of the Death Penalty with David R. Dow

April 05, 2021 Houston Law Review Season 3 Episode 1
Emphasis Added
Texas Death Row and the Decline of the Death Penalty with David R. Dow
Show Notes

On this month’s episode of Emphasis Added, I spoke with internationally renowned death penalty attorney David R. Dow just 24 hours after Virginia, the state with the second most executions over the past fifty years, outlawed the death penalty. David R. Dow is a professor at the University of Houston Law Center and the founder of the Texas Innocence Network—an organization that uses UH law students to investigate claims of actual innocence brought by Texas prisoners. Professor Dow is also the author of seven books and numerous scholarly articles, to include his critically acclaimed book The Autobiography of an Executioner. Professor Dow’s areas of expertise include contracts, constitutional law and theory, and death penalty law. I spoke with Professor Dow about his 30 years of experience representing Texas Death Row inmates, and how the inaccuracies, inequalities, and expense of death row sentencing has led to a general decline of the death penalty over the past decade.

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