Emphasis Added

Professional Irresponsibility and Judicial Opinions

June 28, 2021 Houston Law Review Season 3 Episode 3
Emphasis Added
Professional Irresponsibility and Judicial Opinions
Show Notes

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On this month's episode of Emphasis Added, I spoke with University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Nina Varsava about her forthcoming article with the Houston Law Review, Professional Irresponsibility and Judicial Opinions. Nina researches areas including civil procedure, courts and judicial decision making, and ethics and professional responsibility in the legal and medical contexts, and employs both philosophical and empirical methods to study these areas. We discussed the ethical conundrum that contemporary advice on U.S.  judicial opinion writing poses to judges, and what alternatives might best balance the pros of this current method with its flaws. If you are interested in reading more of Nina's article with the Houston Law Review or her other works, links to her pages are included below.

Nina Varsava Contact Information and Articles:

Faculty Page

Professional Irresponsibility and Judicial Opinions

Elements of Judicial Style: A Quantitative Guide to Neil Gorsuch's Opinion Writing

Precedent on Precedent

 The Role of Dissents in the Formation of Precedent

 How to Realize the Value of Stare Decisis: Options for Following Precedent

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