Emphasis Added

Federal Vaccine Mandates and Requirements: Navigating a Pandemic of Litigation

December 08, 2021 Houston Law Review Season 3 Episode 8
Emphasis Added
Federal Vaccine Mandates and Requirements: Navigating a Pandemic of Litigation
Show Notes

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On this month's episode of Emphasis Added, I spoke with University of Houston Law Center Professors Seth Chandler and Valerie Gutmann Koch about the on-going litigation surrounding the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates, their constitutionality, and the arguments we’ve already seen and are poised to see regarding their validity. Professor Chandler has taught at UHLC for over thirty years in subjects such as constitutional law and health policy law among others and has testified twice in front of Congress regarding the Affordable Care Act. Professor Koch is the co-director of the UHLC Health & Policy Institute and was formerly the Special Advisor and Senior Attorney for the New York State’s bioethics commission where she crafted policy and guidance related to pandemic preparedness among other things. Professors Chandler and Koch provide a wealth of expertise and insight as we delve into the litigation surrounding the OSHA vaccine requirement in particular, assess the constitutionality of that requirement along with vaccine requirements in general, and explore the future of the litigation as it likely heads to the Supreme Court, and how the outcome of the Nation’s response to vaccine mandates could have long term implications for public health.

You can find more from our Professors Chandler and Koch at the links below:
Professor Chandler – https://www.law.uh.edu/faculty/main.asp?PID=6 
Professor Koch – https://www.law.uh.edu/faculty/main.asp?PID=5407 

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